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Re: Xerox workcentre 6015 077-901 paper jam

Switch the printer off

Open the printer's front cover (not the scanner cover)

Switch the printer on

Apparently it solves the problem by feeding a new sheet of paper through the printer. It worked for me!

I guess you've solved the problem by now but it might help other people...


Xerox workcentre 6015 077-901 paper jam

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Hey guys, came into work today and saw this error.  Opened the tray and saw paper stuck as it was being fed.  Slowly removed it with no tears and closed the tray, restarted printer and the error still shows:


077-900:Paper jam. Open the Front Cover and remove the paper jam. Printer is unable to print.


I removed the front cover and checked around the imaging unit, I saw no bits of paper.  I removed the fuser and shook it out, a small piece fell out but nothing else.  Replaced the units and closed it back up.  Still read the error.  I thought may was something stuck undering those imaging roller looking things so I removed the plastics clips and checked behind them, no signs of any paper.  Just to see if I could shake something look, I just blew over the area and just your generic small bits of dust.  Restarted and the error still appears.  I removed the fuser and took it apart, no signs of any paper inside.  I tried to restart with the top cover open and restart with the paper tray removed, same thing.  Is it possible this is a phantom error?  Or do I need to open up the entire unit to find some possible small piece of paper which I highly doubt is in there?  Appreciate the input.

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