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Joe Arseneau
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Re: booklet creating

Best bet is to do the job preimposed and eliminate the booklet workflow from the driver.

So for instance.


Print the PDF from Acrobat and use Acrobats Booklet function.

So in the driver Paper > Other Paper Size > Advanced Paper Size



Match these settings




OK > OK, Now set Acrobat to do the booklet imposition itself for the BW portion of the job





Then go back in the driver and do the Inserts of the color pages. Document Options > Special Pages > Covers

In this driver trays are not chooseable, so I used "Type" as an example




Lastly the fold and staple and trim, Finishing > Booklet Creation (See the icon lower left to the right of ?, click that to get the right side window) The key is the Preimposed by App this tells the driver to fold and staple but not rearrange/resize pages





Note the screenshots are from a 560 with Freeflow, but any freeflow should be the same or very similar and I believe your D125 is Freeflow.

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Joe Arseneau
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booklet creating

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Hi there,

I have a b/w D125 printer with finisher and trimmer and a 570 color printer

I have to print a 32 pages pdf on my xerox D125 b/w printer. Page size is 8,85 X 12,6 in. and I need to create a booklet, fold and stamp. I use for this booklet SRA3 paper (17,7 X 12,6 in).

The problem is that pages 1,2,31,32 and 15,16,17,18 are colored. This means - the first and last SRA3 page from my booklet. I have printed this pages on my 570 color printer and I put them on tray 5 (bypass) of the bw printer. I want the printer to take only the first and last page from tray 5 and for the rest to use blank paper from tray 3.

Note: cannot use tray 8 (inserter) because the maximum supported size is exceeded.

Someboby suggested me to use the copy funcition with build job enabled.

Please help.

Dragos N.

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