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clouding on prints on xerox 252

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I am having some issues with cloudy prints on my xerox. It only seems to happen on solids i believe at least thats only when i notice it. If you looks there is some hazy smudging on the prints. I am running on a xeorx 252, depending on the settings i use i can get it to look a bit better but its still pretty bad.


photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG


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Re: clouding on prints on xerox 252

Its hard to tell from that photo.

Is it happening in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow half tones?

Does it happen on Heavyweight stock, Coated or plain stock?

My guess is a transfer issue. Either the 2nd btr which is the black roller in the drawer to the left of the fuser or the ibt transfer belt.

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