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Re: default gateway

Hi Keith,

How is your printer trying to connect to your home network?

Have you connected an ethernet cable to your router, or want to use wifi?

Normally it is easiest to allow the printer and router to set an IP address on your printer automatically using DHCP, that way it will also set the default gateway etc automatically.


default gateway

Product Name: Phaser 3330
Operating System: Windows 10

My new Phaser 330 refuses to connect to my pc saying dhcp error. Not a clue what that means but  people on the forum have sent some ideas on how to sort it. They involve entering IP address,Subnet mask and default gateway.

Again all a mystery to me. The configuration report that it did print out gave numbers for these. I managed to follow the instructions and enter these but when I tried the default gateway ( shown as there are three noughts in each of the four sections. If I leave these as they are and press OK it says incorrect gateway!

So I am back to a brand new printer sitting idle and me getting even more frustrated with XEROX.

Anyone have further ideas on how to get this working?

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