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Joe Arseneau
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Re: docuprint CM215fw toner motor test, how?

Xerox and FujiXerox are not actually the same company, and they sell to different markets.

So the CM215fw isn't sold in north america, which is why it isn't listed on

You may want to reach out to FujiXerox.


The information you are seeking would near certainly require you to enter into Service mode or diagnostic mode, which is not publicly disclosed information, so even if I had that information to share (I don't) I couldn't.

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Joe Arseneau
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docuprint CM215fw toner motor test, how?

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i have a docuprint cm215fw laser printer

the black was originally dense and solid

now it is faded and greyish, without the noticable sheen that the colour still has.

have cleaned everything

new cartridge

colour works fine


from the research that i have done, it seems that the black toner is not being pumped (augered) to the printer


I have read that a 'toner motor test with the cartridges still in (for black) generally solves this issue.


my question, how do you perform this test on a CM215fw.

there does seem to be an option for it in the normal menu system or the 'CE' service menu (hold up and down buttons on start)


please help or its a new printer


thankyou for your time : )

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