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Re: docutech 128hlc

According to the list we have, the 09-221 is ozone blower air flow failure.


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Re: docutech 128hlc

Hi zeerocks,
Thank you for using the Xerox forum.


Due to the potential for user injury and or machine damage Xerox trys to ensure that each service manual has a trained service technician attached.

There are rare occasions where the set becomes separated and people sell manuals online. These may provide descriptions of the error messages but Extreme caution is required when reviewing anything not provided from Xerox directly and shown with appropriate cautions in the user guides.

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Re: docutech 128hlc

how's about 9-221? your online support says....


Problem requires additional support. 


no particularly helpful. :(


I certainly wish Xerox would provide more documentation for these machines, for those of us that can handle some repairs. All I want is a list of errors, and their description. Just like the field engineers have. Thats it...the description...not even procedures...I can tell by those descriptions whether its something I can fix, or need tech to do.


I could save you the cost of a few service calls a year, if I were provided this.....also save myself the "standing in front of the machine with scratching head with blank stare time"


OH well. I understand, Xerox doesnt want the average person fumbling around inside their equipment. Im just not the "average person" 


back to waiting. :)




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Re: docutech 128hlc

Hi zeerocks.

Thank you for using the forum.

You can find the fault codes located within the product knowledge base at:

On the Support Tab select the Fault Code Search link, under the search field.


I wasn't able to locate a fault code of 9-211.

You may need to contact support to get further assistance.  1-800-821-2797


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docutech 128hlc

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

looking for help on the abomination known as the docutech 128hlc AKA sorento...which I 'lovingly' refer to as "boat anchor" alas, I am stuck with it...


I would really like to find a list of error codes, their technical desription, and possible causes. especially the 9's and 10's. xerographic and fusing. I have some that were given to me YEARS ago by a tech. but they are missing quite a few errors. (there are so many)   I wouldnt mind an updated one. IF that exists. Im going to guess it doesnt, but I thought it was worth a try here. 


I didnt see it in the support area. Im not looking for the "operator guide" that is useless to me. im looking for something better.  


I can usually fix these things, IF I can tell what is wrong. Which there is always something.... If i leave all errors up to the technical support, it would never run. Fact of life. I call the tech, but sometimes hes not I have to place a service call and twiddle my thumbs. Which annoys me to NO end, when he comes in here and cleans a sensor, or something like that. Basically I am down for 4+ hrs waiting on a 15 minute repair. :)


thanks. anything would be helpful...


specifically, I am  looking for the LOWER numbers in the 9-xxx error range. 


even more specifically, 9-221 is what I have today. 





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