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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: envelopes 12x16' on versant 80 jammed

Envelopes option is only for the specified sizes, anything else would need to be run custom.




The User Guide is quite clear on what stocks are supported, and that jams can occur. (Page 117)


Envelopes can be loaded in Tray 5 (Bypass), the HCF B1-S (Tray 6), and the High Capacity
Feeder C3-DS (Trays 6 and 7).
Important  •
Envelopes can be loaded in Trays 1 to 3, but
paper feed and print quality are not guaranteed.
The following size envelopes can be loaded.  
Standard Size
-  No.3 standard envelopes
 (120 x 235 mm)
-  No.2 standard envelopes
 (240 x 332 mm)
-  No.6 standard envelopes
 (162 x 229 mm)
-  No.20 standard envelopes
 (229 x 324 mm)
-  C5
 (162 x 229 mm)
-  C4
 (229 x 324 mm)
-  Commercial #10
 (104.8 x 241.3 mm)
Non-Standard Size
-  Width (Y) 98.0 - 330.2 mm, Length (X) 148.0 - 488.0 mm

When loading envelope in LEF orientation, or when loading envelope with the flap opening, use the
custom size setting.

The length (X) of 146.0 to 147.9 mm is also supported, but the image quality and paper feed
performance are not guaranteed.


You would probably be better off asking in forums what other users of the V80 are running stock wise for envelopes that doesn't jam and what their settings are when doing so.


PrintPlanet is a good source. They have multiple posts about successful envelope printing on the Versant line.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

envelopes 12x16' on versant 80 jammed

Product Name: Xerox Versant 80 Press

as i bought v80 coz of last and best of digital lines, and maximum size is: 45*32 cm

im trying to print envelope size 12x16' or 406x304 m.m

print one or two copies, then jammed in Fuser!!!

there is no option in paper media on versant screen called Envelope !

and i used all trays, nothing works, with open flap or not, nothing works!!!


whats solution, please...

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