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global print driver - specific version

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Hi people,


am looking for a slightly older version of the Xerox Global Print driver software - essentially have an application built with Powerbuilder, however when printing on legal paper, it will put page breaks in, as if it were letter.

all very strange.


however, on one machine where everything works fine, we are using the Xerox Global Print Driver with dlls version 5185.2100.0.0 although the current version on the machine where we are having problems is 5185.4200.0.0

not convinced there is much difference between the two, however if anyone is able to point us in the direction of the 5.185.2100.0.0 versions, that would be great.





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Re: global print driver - specific version

its best to call xerox to obtain archived drivers


but have you tried the latest version now available on the xerox site?

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Re: global print driver - specific version

alas, yes have tried the latest ones!


will give them a call



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