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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: how to use UV spot color



The documentation you are looking for can be found at:


In short, you will need to apply a spot colour filled graphic on top of your artwork in your file. Wherever you apply this graphic will then overprint fill with clear dry ink from your ColorPress. You will find the instructions in the document above. You will also need to define that specific spot colour to print as dry ink at your RIP. Again, this will be covered in the documentation.


You can also just select certain types of objects (graphics, images, text) at to be overprinted with clear dry ink, at the RIP, but this can often create unwanted coverage due to bounding boxes of EPS files, text boxes, etc., so your best practice would be to add a defined spot colour to the file. (people often choose the name "clear" when creating the defined spot colour in their application for ease of use)


It should be noted that you will need to select "legacy postscript conversion" under PDL settings at the RIP, as the new Adobe PDF engine does not yet support this technology.


Good Luck!



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how to use UV spot color

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I am a commercial printer who just switched from a Docucolor 800 to a Colorpress 800.


I am trying to apply Spot UV to a graphic on a business card. The file was created here in our shop, and the graphic was drawn in indesign cs5. What steps do I take in Indesign, exporting as a PDF, and on the printer, so just the graphic gets spot UV?


Thank you!