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iGen5 Enhanced Image Permanence

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Switches - Enhanced Image Permanence


I've use this mode only a few times however I've found that it tends to cause a lot of transfer/detack faults and will jam in the pre-fuser area when it's on, and as soon as I turn it off I am able to print with the loaded stock with no faults (though some image quality issues may still be present)

On looking up in the help information/manual it has a very generic description of what it can do stating that it is for "thin stocks" not on the RML.  Is there a gsm guide to what will work in this mode?  Also will this mode work when printing 26" stock? (I've had no such luck so far)




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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: iGen5 Enhanced Image Permanence

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Any time you go longer than 19.5", you cut the throughput by about 1/6th. Even though the press doesn't slow down you can only fit 5 images on the length of the photoreceptor belt instead of 6. Depending on the type of stock at that weight, you may also have to turn on "Enhanced Image Permanence" mode, which actually does slow the press down to allow the fuser to work better on the thick stock. I don't remember exactly how much it slows down - maybe by about 1/3? If the stock is coated you may be able to get away without enabling EIP, though printing both sides may be a challenge without it.

EIP simply slows the speed down to give the fuser more time to heat the page, but, if you get too much heat with it on, the toner can flake off. It is a fix for bad output, it is not something you put into standard workflow., they don't make an RML (Recommended Media List)

for things they don't recommend you run, and you don't use EIP for things on the RML.

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