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Re: manual Feed driving us NUTS

I may have just figured it out.  After tediously going through all the settings through a web interface (many settings that can NOT be found using the LED screen I might add which is very annoying and misleading), I found paper type and for whatever reason, it came here with LEGAL as the default setting (**bleep**?).  I changed it to LETTER. 


Lets give it an hour or two and see if that does it.

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manual Feed driving us NUTS

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We have a Xerox Phaser 6500DN and are ready to return it or smash it to a million pieces.


Im a computer tech and network admin with 20 years of experiece and never saw anything like this mess.


Assigned it an IP address and is connected via RJ45 to our network.


Went around and, using the CD that came with it, installed the printer to 6 computers.  did this many times with other printers and immediately everything "just worked as expected".  Not with this printer.


Its seems like 8 times out of 10  someone prints to it and on the printers LED screen it say to load manual paper.


We only print to 81/2 x11 paper here. Word, PDF, emails, web pages, etc. Send the same document to another printer we have and it prints just fine. 


It was on AUTO select and changed it/foreced it to Tray 1. 

Paper type by default was NON and changed it to plain.


How much more clearn can I be.Print this common document, using plain paper, to tray 1, at the printer at the setup IP address.

oad manual paper to tray 1.




Callme now (8/24/15 2:30pm) and lets fix this. David. (631) 765-2077



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