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network controller resets when a job is sent

Documents containing images cause our WorkCentre 7755 to "reset the network controller."


Just updated printer internal software as well as all drivers on our computers.  Office uses iMacs running OSX 7.4 (Lion).


When I print with Adobe there are no issues.  But when I attempt to print a Word document or PDF with a graphic in it, the machine automatically resets the network controller and won't print.  In fact just today, a co-worker attempted to print a Word document...the machine reset.  She deleted the image and tried again and it worked fine.  This doesn't happen every time but quite often.


Any suggestions?

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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: network controller resets when a job is sent

Hi jdc866,

I would assume there is a issue understanding the PS information on the image, regardless on the way is being sent. I have never face this problem or tested it. Nevertheless I can advise you to get both device and driver upgraded. The driver first as this very likely is related to it and to the way the PPD is building the job.


Completely remove the actual driver. Including the PPD libraries. And install version 2.24.0 (598).

Please note this driver is only for 10.5/6, so this is experience. If you find that you are  having issues with other features on the driver such as accounting or other external plugins please run MSword in 32bit mode.

If this does not work you can rever to version 2.71.0



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