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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: network printer

Hi mevlut kaymaz,


  1. Printer is unable to print more than 43 pages of a document.
    1. Does this happen from more than one document
    2. Does this happen from all applications
    3. Try to print a PDF file from the printer web page (CWIS), by using the print tab.Printer
  2. Printer not reachable
    1. Print a configuration report and check the TCP/IP settings.
    2. Make sure the settings are correct to work on your network.
    3. Ping the IP address and try to access the printer webpage. If all this works your problem is on the driver side.
    4. Install print driver and connect locally to the printer. Use TCP/IP port and use IP address you have been testing previously.

On a general note, please inform the printer model.

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network printer

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I am an IT in a public school I am new there so I got a problem with printers one is not printing more than 43 pages at a time and also it doesn't print prefered specific page numbers. The other one has no connection with an computer and I have checked the server the printer has interactive port no TCP/IP that is why i couldn't ping it 

I need so much help because we have a few day for new year please help me to solve these problems 

best regards

mevlut kaymaz

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