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Re: new technology for grabbing the paper from the tray?

To keep costs down they use rubber rollers to feed the paper. On bigger production models air assist is used.

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new technology for grabbing the paper from the tray?

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I have an old, venerable workcentre 3119

never had any real problems with it and it still works fine, although it can be fickle when trying to print from another PC through homegroup.


However, I suffer from the classic problem of getting it to pick up the paper from the tray. you know what I mean.

I often have to take the ream of paper out and ruffle it, sometimes I have to do that a few times to get it to work.


I know that I can try to clean or treat the rubber rollers, or replace them.

Question is like this: do the new printers use the same old method for picking up the paper, or is there a new technology for that? Is there any way out of this perennial problem?

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