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Re: no print in workcenter 7435

is there is no PS on board, then its normal that you cant print from mac, you need that options so the only way is to print from windows... have you tried the latest global pcl or pcl 6 driver?
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no print in workcenter 7435

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Resently, I bought the 7435, with fax, scan optin etc. From day 1, I cannot print. I'm trying with different drivers from mac osx and windows xp. All from ethernet. No payday loan luck. Printer beeps some times. Mac driver says waste tray full (but it's new and empty). From windows, it prints garbages. As i can see, there PCL6 installed but no PS.


Fax, scaning, and copying are working perfect. Even in network.


I've tried the latest firmware. Nothing.


Do you have any idea, what's wrong? I'm waiting the seller to contact service, but they are delaying alot.


Thank you,

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