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Re: paper jam keeps happening

Paper Jams can be caused by multiple things. It could be the paper, dust on a sensor, dirt on a roller, or something else entirely.

You can start by looking at the following article, 

Fanning the paper as shown in the article is the first thing to try. Next would be making sure that that there is not a small obstruction, like a torn piece of paper, that continues to cause the jam. I like to use the canned air to blow out any dust. 


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paper jam keeps happening

Product Name: Phaser 3330
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra


Not sure if anyone can help...

I keep getting a paper jam then message Tray 1.

I clear out any paper, then try to print and it keeps happening/jamming up.

Any idea why this keeps happening!?

Any help appreciated, many thanks.

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