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pause when printing from phaser 6360dn

We have a Mac that was recently upgraded to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and moved to a different location.  The mac is now connected directly to the 6360 via a usb cable.  When any document is printing, there is a pause of about 3 minutes before the printer starts going.  Here are some facts about this issue:

1) Printer was on the network before and this particular mac was able to print fine to the printer over the network without a pause.  The mac had already been updated to 10.8 when the printer was on the network and it still printed fine.  Only when the printer was connected to usb did the pausing begin.

2) When the pause occurs, and if you look at the printer spool, there are two jobs listed.  The first says "Setting up printer" or something similar and the second job is the actual document being printed.  The pause is caused by the first job which takes 3 minutes.  After that is done, the printing of the document occurs pretty quickly.  As a workaround, if you click the "x" next to the the first job to delete it, it will move to the next fairly quickly and complete the printing.  However, as you can imagine, this becomes a pain quickly especially when you need to print lots of documents.

3)  When printing in Microsoft Word or other Office apps, clicking the direct print button results in no pause and fast printing.  Going through the menu and selecting print results in the pause.  Other applications don't behave that way.  For some reason, using the print button in Word bypasses the part of the process that results in the pause.

4) When in the printer spool/info folder, clicking on the get printer supplies information button results in an error that the printer is not responding.


 I'm thinking there is some communication problem between the two devices that causes the hang. How to solve it I don't know yet.  I have tried the following:

1) delete printer and reinstall printer

2) download latest drivers from Xerox and do 1 above

3) Used the reset printing system button to zap everything and do 1 above

4) switch usb ports

5) turn off printer sharing and printer notifications

6) no luck with any of these fixes


Not sure what to try next.  Please help


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Re: pause when printing from phaser 6360dn

Hello NorN.


If you have not already resolved this issue, please take a look at this soluiton for adding a printer and see if it will help with your situation.  If not please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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