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phaser 6125 language barrier

Hi all

Really hope you can help as I'm at a complete loss.

I have a phaser 6125 which I bought a couple of days ago

I have installed as directed by the disc but half the properties of the printer are English 

the other half in Turkish, this watches online wouldn't necessarily bother me if it wasn't the printing 

properties that I can't read, I've installed 3 times also I've rung the support line and they can't help

so I downloaded the driver from here but the outcome is the same I'm using windows xp, 

is this where I'm going wrong, if not could some1 plz explain how to sort it, if at all poss as

learning Turkish could take me a while 


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Valued Advisor

Re: phaser 6125 language barrier

maybe you can use the manual setup, is this helpful? :

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