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phaser 6280 takes long time to process jobs

Just got this printer and have tried so many settings i have lost track. This is replacing a 6125. I am using the same usb cable and when i go to print from photoshop it says 'usb processing' for over a minute. when it finally gets done it prints super fast. It does this for each job that is sent. I thought maybe the usb is too slow, even though it worked on the last printer, so I tried ethernet and same wait time. Various settings, tried the postscript first, then educated myself and had to learn how to fully remove drivers to make sure it wasn't getting confused as i tried removing and redoing. Then i even tried pcl6 driver. Same wait time.

It's a 64mb file with layers, so i tried saving it as jpg, only 6 mb, same wait time. I checked spooling and it's set to the same as my last printer. It currently spools them, but starts printing imediately. I did try print directly to printer and same wait time.


This is driving me crazy. I have tried the driver from the cd, then the one from the website. I treid the firmware updates. Is there something I'm missing? At this point it's not worth using because it takes so long. I make custom stickers and each job is small 1-10 pages. I have orders waiting to go out and will have to switch back to my 6125, but i was getting some print quality problems on it that i couldn't get fixed.

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Re: phaser 6280 takes long time to process jobs

finally got it resolved. it was the driver. not sure how it didn't correct it when i installed only that one. but was looking at the settings again, had both drivers installed, so i selected the other and it works great now.
oddly when looking online they say postscript is for adobe programs, but that was the one making it so slow

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