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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: phaser 7750 error code 35

Fuser Main Lamp Failure (Code / Error 35)

Reseating the Fuser

Power off the printer and disconnect the power cord.
Open Door A .

Caution: To avoid burns wait at least 20 minutes after powering off the printer to allow the fuser to cool down, and observe warning labels inside.

Unscrew the two light orange colored fuser-locking screws  in a counter clockwise direction until the screws are completely loose. The screws are not removable.

Pull out the two light orange colored rings

Remove the fuser by grasping the light orange colored rings and pulling straight out.

Reinstall the fuser using the two light orange colored rings and aligning the triangles on the top left and right of the fuser with the corresponding triangles on the printer

Tighten the two light orange fuser-locking screws by turning them clockwise until they are finger tight.

Push in the two light orange rings.

Close Door A.

Reattach the power cord to the printer.

Power on the printer.

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Joe Arseneau
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phaser 7750 error code 35

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I'm just changing my fuser like my printer asked... after replacement, i got a error code 35;; what does it mean ?..


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