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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: print, cut to full bleed, then fold and saddle

You can't feed the pre printed media back through the machine for many reasons

If you cutting the paper to bleed and your new letter size paper is off by a couple of mm it will jam as it detects a different size paper

It goes back through the fuser which will will strain the image and paper

It needs to print something to it. Even if you tell it to print a pixel it will charge you a click

There are so many different finishers and trimmers avail of that model it would be best to contact your sales agent for guidance to accomplish what you want

Imo you should change the original paper size to something a little larger than letter and then trim to bleed after it saddle stiches. You will be charged two clicks but tbh the labor saved pays for itself and you would be changed two clicks anyway doing it your way

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print, cut to full bleed, then fold and saddle

Product Name: Xerox Color C60/C70
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra


First off I love this machine as well as Fiery, it's opened up so many doors for our org and my dept!

Here's what I am hoping to do:

1. print 2up on 18x12 paper

2. cut that in half and then cut each down to full bleed, which would result in 2 8.5x11 sheets.

3. Feed those back into the machine only to fold and saddle stitch, leaving me with a finished 5.5x8.5.

What's the best way to do I do this?! and will running it through the machine again just to fold and saddle stitch cost me for a print with each page that goes through?

If it helps I've got the booklet maker and fiery including impose.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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