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Joe Arseneau
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Re: printer cuts off last character?

If you have one printer and 2 PC's, but one PC works and the other doesn't, the fault isn't the printer.


So forget the working PC, and just deal direct with the non-working.


The issue is an odd one, and is just font based.


Now for drivers, there are I think 6 ((PCL,PCL6,PS,GPD-PS,GPD-PCL and the Windows 10 class (v4) driver)


I will discount the v4 class driver, they are not reliable, the GPD-PS is the newest and most robust, I will focus on that (Hint, install that)


Now, when it asks, do not pick your printer from the list, MS will "do stuff" to the port, instead choose The printer I want isn't listed




Then go full manual here




Standard TCP/IP and do not check the box (Obviously your IP not mine)




After it is all installed, go to Devices and printers , right-click it and go to Printing Preferences > Advanced > Driver and set this to Download as soft font




Try another print

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Joe Arseneau
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printer cuts off last character?

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Ok  have a new xerox 3615 workcenter.

we use 2 PCs both running the same version of windows 10
same version ox microsoft office excel

and I ahve updated the drivers for the printers on both PCs

When I open a document on one pc adn print everything is fine.

i open the SAME doscumetn on the OTHER pc and print

the last CHARACTER on each row is cut off

This is REGARDLESS of where the last character IS

so row 1    HI my name is David  ( the d will not print)
    row  2    I live at the the following address in a very nice home  ( the e in home will not print
    row  3    my telephone number is 123  456 7890    ( the 0 will not print)

I have an HP printer conencted to the network exactly the same way as the new xerox is.   IF I print to that printer from this PC
the doc prints just fine.   SO it HAS TO BE the printer!!


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