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Re: printer loses wifi connection after

Yes definitely update the software. Then try adjusting power saving settings. I have seen issues with older xerox printers that when they went into power saving it would turn off wifi! Or turn off the USB port that the wifi modular was connected to. They added a power saving setting to allow `usb to stay powered on in power saving. Not sure if that the case on this model.


also on a personal note I have had issues like this with RO.KU tv boxes and iPads. That lose connection to my wifi and I had to turn off and on or turn off wifi in airplane mode and back on....

I one day had a brainstorm and wondered if it was an issue with the automatic channel switching at the wifi router....logged into router and set it to a set specific channel that had less traffic....BINGO no more network disconnect and actually better throughput in general!

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printer loses wifi connection after

Product Name: Phaser 3020
Operating System: Windows 10


My wife bought phaser 3020 two days ago. My wife and I installed it using the installation  disk. The problem is the wifi connection after a few hours of idle is lost. (I mean I cannot print. also, on my printer list  the printer appears as offline and also the printer-wps blue light (that should indicate wifi conncted) is missing even when pressing power button on printer). The current solution  is just to shut down the printer and restart it. After that the wifi connection is established  and we can print again. (allthough it still appears as offline  in the printer list) . 

should I update the software by installing the latest 

Phaser 3020 Windows Print Driver Installer Package 

or installing the latest 

Xerox Phaser 3020 Windows Print Drivers Utilities v1.07

thanks very much in advance



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