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Re: "Wi-Fi Direct" how to use?

Hi Camig,

i guess this is cant be happened to use the wifi direct to connect the printer to your laptop

this feature is supporting Andriod system only , not a windows, apple OS


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New Member

"Wi-Fi Direct" how to use?

Product Name: Phaser 3260
Operating System: Windows 10

I'd like to setup the printer for the "Wi-Fi Direct" mode on a phaser 3260, where it is not part of the shared/local wifi network, but only a point to point connection between the windows10 laptop and the printer.  This is to avoid allowing other users on a shared wifi to have access to the printer.

The printer admin page has a Wi-Fi Direct setup page that I have enabled.  I'm not sure what all the setting mean and how to then access this printer in this mode from the laptop.  Currently the printer is installed as a wifi printer on my laptop, but I'd like set it up for a more direct mode where I can move the printer to another location/wifi network without issue.

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