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carlos.cruz Member

secure print delet jobs after restart

I have a problem with secure print in xerox 7845, i have disable purge the secure print but when i restart the machine, the prints are there but when i do print they become delete ,my firmware is 073.017.32400, can you help me

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: secure print delet jobs after restart

There is no issue here.


The jobs are not there, they just show names in the history, when selected they show deleted because they were, nothing to see, now you have been notified (your job was killed by an internal admin) and all is well with the world.


If you are concerned about the names, disable the use of names in Secure Print.




If you are concerned about them being in the history, do a Secure Disk Image Overwrite



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carlos.cruz Member

Re: secure print delet jobs after restart

No, you're wrong.

Maybe because you do not write so well in English you should not have noticed.
I have jobs protected in the print queue. and the machine has to be turned off, usually when it is turned on and if the option of not deleting the jobs when it is turned on is not selected the jobs remain in the print queue and can be printed, right?
in this case the works are done and when you give the print order, they will delete and disappear

You gave it to understand now.
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