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Re: setup xerox 7132 under ubutu 11.04

Where can I download the PPD file for the 7132 printer?  I checked, and it has the PS kit installed.



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Re: setup xerox 7132 under ubutu 10.04

I have found the solution here:,2155


Xerox workcentre 7132 works well in color mode with "HP Color LaserJet 5 Foomatic/hpijs" driver.

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Re: setup xerox 7132 under ubutu 10.04

I have I believe found the reason for this problem. Since the setup utility is compiled it was hard to determine why it was failing, running it through strace revealed that it was generating a setup.log in /tmp/ folder. 



Initializing system
/bin/sh -c "/bin/rm -rf /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./setup /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./readme /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./disks /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./installf.rom /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./isize /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./tsize /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z1 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z2 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z3 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z4 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z5 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z6 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z7 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z8 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
/bin/sh -c "/bin/cp -p /home/USERNAME/Downloads/XeroxLinuxi686xpxxInstall/./pkg_tar.z9 /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall
sh: /usr/bin/uncompress: not found
sh: /usr/bin/gzip: not found
/bin/sh -c "/bin/tar xvfp /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall/Linuxi386Xpxx.tar
/bin/tar: /usr/Xerox/XeroxInstall/Linuxi386Xpxx.tar: Cannot open: No such file or directory
/bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
ERROR: No such file or directory



Things of immediate interest are that it is looking for uncompress and gzip in /usr/bin instead of /bin which is where these are located in some distros. The developers of this utility should probably use the "which" command to determine the location of these tools instead of assuming a hard coded location. I will write more as I uncover more solutions to this problem.


Temporary solution: (from the folder containing the setup utility for example)


ln -s `which gzip` /usr/bin/
ln -s `which uncompress` /usr/bin/


This should cause the install to complete successfully.


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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: setup xerox 7132 under ubutu 10.04

Hi KriszH,


Please make sure your 7132 has PostScript (PS) installed.  On this machine PS was an option and will need to be installed to use a PPD solution.  To see if PS is installed just print a system settings list from the machine.  If there is an Adobe PostScript logo at the bottom of each page, you should be good to go.  If not, you will want to contact the sales agent to see about purchasing the PS option for the machine.  


Directions on how to print a systems settings list are here.

Thank you,
Xerox 2nd Level
Remote Support Engineer

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setup xerox 7132 under ubutu 10.04

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Dear Stuff,


I'm working for a company having  xerox workcentre 7132 installed on network.

We can use it with the Generic PCL 6 drivers, but with the xerox's don't.

I've tried to use the ppd installation method, but test print faild. It resulted a lot of blank page, with the following text on the first page.


                         %%LanguageLevel: 2

                                                            %%DocumentSuppliedResources: (atend)




My box has ubuntu 10.04.1 installed.


I've downloaded the following packages form suppor site:

CentreWare for Unix Linux i686 Driver version: 4.30.28 and

Printer package for use with CentreWare for Unix installers version: 2009_11_11

I've read the instructions and followed that, so untar the packages, get root rights, and run setup.

The first package installation was interupted with an error:

/usr/bin/lpq: Error - unknown destination "/tmp/XeroxInstall"!
.................ERROR: No such file or directory

But the /tmp/XeroxInstall directory is exists!!!


how to override this bug? How to install the above mentioned xerox packages on ubuntu.









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