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digitalprintplus Valued Member
Valued Member

spots on paper

Product Name: Xerox Color C75 EFI Fiery Controller
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hi there after doing some cleaning, then having the black drum spill 

I'm geting some spots show up on the prints

they are pretty much the same place every print

I'm wondering if there might be some toner spill on the belt

and also if you take a look at the side of the print you would see a thin line, shows up on larger stock not liek letter size paper

Any assistance? 2018-06-22 11.52.00.jpg2018-06-22 11.52.10.jpg2018-06-22 11.51.54.jpg

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gabiene Advisor

Re: spots on paper


The images are not so good. It is possible to be black drum, or the IBT cleaner.



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gabiene Advisor

Re: spots on paper

And the thin line on back of the print is from the 2nd BTR

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