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Re: streaks on print

Did a thorough cleaning of the black drum with isopropyl and looks slightly better but still not ideal. Are my expectations on color uniformity set too high? ;)

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streaks on print

Product Name: Phaser 7500
Operating System: Not Specified

Hi! Cana anyone help troubleshooting those streaks? Apparently yellow is the only color not suffering from them (or at least not enough for it to be visible).

I already tried going through the usual steps through the control panel to fix quality issues but seems like there might be something else...

Keep in mind though that I bought the printer 2nd hand with slightly more than 10.000 prints for 350€ and found a set of new genuine high capacity toners for 130€ (yes, all 4! :D ) and also a brand new drum unit at 60€ on amazon (yes, genuine and sealed) so if that requires replacing other parts I think I can deal with the streaks issue until they will really need replacement.


Here are the scanned printouts:

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