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unable to install PCL5 driver for Phaser 8500N on Win Srvr 2003

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The printer was installed and working.

When tryingto print a test page a box opened asking to install the driver. 

I installed the driver but it would not print a test page. Error-"Test page failedto print. Would you like to view the print troubleshooter for assistance?"

Logged onto printer via web interface and I was able to print a config page.

Deleted printer on server. Deleted port.

Installed printer but when I click Fiinish I receved error "Unable to Install Printer. Operation could not be completed"

Installed printer on same port using HP4 drive. It installed with no issues. Tried to change the driver and it gave original error " The ' Xerox Phaser 8500N PCL 5C' printer driver is not installed on this computer. Some printer properties will not be accesible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want to install the driver now?"


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: unable to install PCL5 driver for Phaser 8500N on Win Srvr 2003

first stop start the print spooler, then delele all rubbish drivers you dont need fro the print server properties , so you start with a clean driver
if that doesnt help...

install a local printer with generic driver on lpt1 port
Then goto the properties , change first the port to a TCP ip port , then apply , then change the driver from the advanced tab
That will work for sure, i got that error also when i install @ customers
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