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Re: unable to print tiff files on a WC5325



PS is present on the unit. what is happening is that there is some sort of conflict between the app that generate the tiff files, SafeQ and the XML header the driver adds.


We ended up using the ppd of the 5325 (PS) and worked fine. PPD don't  add the xml header.

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Re: unable to print tiff files on a WC5325



This fault code indicates that there is some problem with the postscript part, do you have postscript installed on the printer?

If you dont, install the pcl driver instead :)



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unable to print tiff files on a WC5325

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I'm getting error codes 016-749 JCL Syntax Error and 016-573 Job Ticket Parse Error RAP everytime i try to print tiff files to any WC53xx.


I did a print to file and i was able to print that file in any other printer.


Does anyone knows if the WC53xx has any limitations printing TIFF files?


I even scan a document as a TIFF and tried to print it back to the WC53xx and same error occurs


please help


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