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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: vertical 1 inch blank line when printing


It will be better to insist with cleaning. Otherwise the printhead need to be replaced because of nozzles blockage.



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New Member
New Member

vertical 1 inch blank line when printing

Product Name: ColorQube 8570
Operating System: Windows 7

I have a ColorQube 8570 that started printing about a one inch, thick colored line down the left side of the paper. It looked as if all colors were printing at the same time through those jets in overload (it would flake off in some spots). 

I performed all of the cleaning functions I could off the menu, multiple times. I changed the Extended Capacity Maintenance Kit. I emptied the waste try. I did a handful of other "cleaning" things.

Now, in the same column that there used to be a ton of ink, there is none, with the exception of a few thin random red lines here and there.


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