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wc 6515 printing labels smear, ink over runs, image on 1/2 the page blotchy at best (pls see photos)

Operating System: Windows 7 x64

Hi, I've tried quite a number of ways to resolve this issue. Using the same glossy labels there still seems to be an issue. I wanted to see if anyone else had the issue and possibly their resolution. I vary around the types of paper from plain, labels, cardstock and get mixed results. I am only printing perhaps a few sheets every few weeks, but this is what I get (see photo), and it is always at the bottom set of labels working the issue upwards. When looking at the issue, facing the printed page, more prominent on the left side of the page, some on the right side.

6515 print labels overrun or not sure6515 print labels overrun or not surexerox_20201115_153524627.jpg

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