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workcentre 416s energy saver woes

I inherited a Workcentre Pro 416s.  Currently I have it served by a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise box, and it works fine... until it times out. 


When it goes into a timeout mode (energy saver?), any print job that gets sent to it results in an error.  Then, subsequently all jobs result in errors.  I can't seem to get this thing to be ready to print all the time.  How do I turn off all time-out/energy saver features?  Thanks.

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: workcentre 416s energy saver woes

Hello whatch,


Actually, the answer to this problem is in the Xerox Online Support Assistant here on Here is the link to the WorkCentre 416 Si Knowledge Base.


Just type in Timer Setting in the search field for the knowledge base and click on the first solution that appears (How To Modify the Default Timer Settings (Time Out, Standby Mode, Sleep Mode / Power Save).  Follow the instructions in the solution to modify the timer settings and you should be all set.


Hopefully this helps to resolve your problem. If not, at the top of the knowledge base window you will find the 800 number for contacting the Xerox Customer Support Center (800-835-6100).

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