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workcentre 7855 incorrect meter read

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We have a workcentre 7855 machine. The current number of impressions made is shown as 628,218 as of monday the 11th.  We had a technician look at the machine on the 7th, a Thursday, and he wrote down in the paper log that the technicians keep in the paper tray that the impressions were at "589k.  The previous technician wrote at some unreadable date, that the impressions were at 571k (hard to read, handwriting is not very legible).


It is not possible that we used about 40,000 pages from Thursday through Monday morning, especially given that almost no one uses the machine on the weekend.  Also, the supplies were not low enough for them to have gone through that many pages, nor do we have that much paper there.


Besides this being an error on the part of the technicians in writing down the impressions, what could be the issue?






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Re: workcentre 7855 incorrect meter read

The service log is for the technicians use. The best way to keep track is for you to keep a log every week.
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