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Re: xerox 242 low color density on the side of the print

Hello JoanaLT, 

I would recommend you contact Fuji Xerox, which is a different company, for more assistance. Please find support for the machine at FujiFilm .

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xerox 242 low color density on the side of the print

Product Name: DocuColor 242/252/260
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello all,

would like your help and opinion - what cause lower density on the SRA print on the side which is near open doors of machine (front)? The prints looks lighter. It is very visible on the light color prints. I'm attaching scanned test print with full color and gradient color. Also pictures of the open machine while prints images on the belt.

I have already done:
1. Swap drums between CMY, no change
2. Changed new transfer belt, the same
3. Looked for stuck debris on developer rollers, seems everything is fine, toner "hair" on the rollers looks good and even
4. Heavyweight or plain paper, no difference

Also as image is already bad on the transfer belt, it wont help, but nonetheless also changed 2 BTR, Fuser.

Thank you!20221221_113930.jpg20221221_113939.jpgDC-242438.jpgDC-242439.jpgDC-242440.jpg

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