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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: xerox 3635mfp system fault 0, task rip

This looks like it has a bad NIC driver, but its hard to say. Try the following:


Take a pdf and put it on the PC desktop, rename it "a.pdf"

Open a command prompt and type "cd desktop"

Then "lpr -S -P lp a.pdf" You will need to use your printer IP though


If that fails as well it is not the driver or the port.(Will require a tech/ALTBOOT)


If it works, try creating another port, if using RAW, switch to LPR with a queue name of "lp" and make sure byte counting is not enabled. (Or vice-versa)


If that does not work, grab an HP Laserjet driver and try that, if the job works (Output will not be very good) there is some serious driver corruption that will need to be remedied.

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Joe Arseneau
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xerox 3635mfp system fault 0, task rip

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I have a very strange situation and I would like for some help.


When I send a scanned document pdf file to the printer, it shows a window on the machine display, with the following message: System fault:0, file MscPseudoDrv_Drv.c, line 98, Task Rip. Then the machine reset and restart and it's not printing.


The message & fault came only when printing with the network driver.

Printing on USB driver, it's OK - the document is printed.

Printing through a web browser using the network address - the document is printed.

The same document is printed on any other combination of printer + computer in our network.


Other details:

3635mfp machine firmware (original and then rewritten)

Drivers tried: all possible drivers (PS, PCL, PCL6, PCL5) but the result is the same.


I really don't know what else to do...

Does anyone know any solution ?


Best regards,



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