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Joe Arseneau
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Re: xerox 550 - margins

If it is print only and you have a Fiery you need to use Command Workstation to do an Algnment, just be logged in as adm9in and select Server > Alignment Adjust and follow the directions.




If copier has an issue

(Easiest way is to lift the lid, and choose a tray at the copier and original size on the layout Adjustment tab then copy nothing, it will print out a sheet of pure black and you will see where the hardware margins are)


It is recommended to adjust Side 1 first and then match Side 2 to Side 1. When accounting for paper size tolerances, the most accurate image alignment results are from folding the sheets in half instead of using the 10mm from edge.

1. Press the Log In/Out button, and enter the system administrator mode. (Default Administrative Login name: admin / Password: 1111)

2. Select the Tools tab followed by the System Settings tab.

3. Select the Common Service Settings followed by the Maintenance Settings.

4. Use arrows to scroll down the page of selections.

5. Select Alignment Adjustment.

6. Select Alignment Adjustment Type Setup, and press Change Settings.

7. Select Type.

8. Touch Change Settings to assign a type name.

9. Press Save.

10. Press Sample Printout.

11. Select the applicable paper tray (from which you are running) and select 1-Sided.Using the Number of Sheets option, it is recommended that you run at least 3 sheets.

12. Press the Start button.

The current sample output is printed.

Note If the position of the sample output is correct, a line is printed at a position 10 mm from the edge of the paper. If the position of the line on the sample output is misaligned, make adjustments accordingly. Two lines are printed on the image of side 1 and one line is printed on the image of side 2 of the sample that is printed with Sample Printout to indicate the paper feed direction.

13. Make adjustments to the image in this order: Perpendicular, Skew, Magnification and Print Position.

14. Select Save.

15. Repeat steps 12 through 14 until Side 1 reaches the desired state.

16. Select 2-Sided print and align Side 2 to match Side 1.

Note Hold the sheet up to a light source where you can see through the sheet. This will help you match the images on both sides.

17. After you finish making adjustments, print another output sample by pressing the Sample Printout and verify the adjustment results.

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Joe Arseneau
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xerox 550 - margins

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i have a xerox 550 and for some reason my margins are off on everything i print is there a way i can change the margins so that they are correct

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