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xerox 8030 in my office is not printing transparency, but prints it as white.

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Using the xerox 8030 to print at work I keep getting white instead of transparant elements.


For example:


I expport an .pdf from Indesign and press CTRL+P in thr Adobe Acrobat. It shows as transparant in the preview (on any pc or program). When I print it is now not transparant, but white.


I installed latest firmware on my adobe package, have an up-to-date windows, I do not however, know how to update or change the printer as it is not mine (its the company's printer or someone providing it, not sure!).


is there some sort of fix/solution?


I have added a pc/print prreview to show the problem.




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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: xerox 8030 in my office is not printing transparency, but prints it as white.

A printer can't understand transparencies, which is one of the primary reasons Adobe created PDF/X.


To work around the problems of not having flattened the document before printing, or for not embedding the fonts properly, or the color profile (All of which PDF/x would have done), they leave you 2 options

1. This should always be selected, but is not by default, try it first

2. If all else fails, this one will do it.





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Joe Arseneau
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