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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: xerox doesnt print yellow, and stripes magenta


This can happen if you install a bad drum or if you do not remove the plastic shield that covers the charge roll (located on the top of the drum cartridge when installing the drum).

Either way, the diagnonal stripes indicate that the developer material in the developer housings have been depleted. For sure in the yellow and magenta. You also posted one of cyan... is that the "blue" test pattern or cyan test pattern? If the cyan only test pattern look fine, then cyan is ok. If not, then you have a problem in cyan as well of course.

The developer material was pulled out of the housing within the first few prints or during CQ setup after the drum was replaced (it happens almost immediately when this happens - there is no recovery). This must be repaired.

You also must determine why it happened. Was the correct drum part number used? Was the plastic charge roll cover removed prior to installing the drum? If those two things check out, then i would suspect a bad drum.

Continuing to use the machine in this condition (without repair) can lead to further issues such as damaged drum surfaces, toner dispensing clogs and faults, possible waste toner system clogs, etc.

This is an unfortunate series of snowball conditions that can become very costly to repair.


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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: xerox doesnt print yellow, and stripes magenta


What part number are the new drums? Can you upload a picture with them please?



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xerox doesnt print yellow, and stripes magenta

Product Name: DocuColor 242/252/260
Operating System: Not Specified


i have problem with xerox 242, i change yellow drumwith a new one, and xerox stop print yellow color (toner is full), when i change drum yellow <> magenta, then start print this stripes on magenta, and still no print yellow...

what could it be? i attach photos


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