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Re: 6360 Locks up and needs to reboot

Hi eerhard.

Thank you for using the forum.  I shared your post with our Phaser second level support group and they recommend that you call support so they can walk you through the steps that might help resolve this issue.  1-800-835-6100 U.S. & Canada
Mon - Fri 8AM-8PM ET

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6360 Locks up and needs to reboot

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Hi I've been put in charge of our Phaser 6360 printer. The printer is connected to our office network, the problem I am having is the printer locks up when left idle for a long period. To print anything, the printer needs to be rebooted then it starts printing again until left idle for while.

I had our I.T. person check out the print que and he told me the print que is fine. I crossed over into the machine with an ethernet cable and found it to take an inordinate amount of time to print a basic word doc or any other doc for that matter. However if I reboot the machine while I'm crossed over it prints immediately. What might I check to speed the process up?



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