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Re: 7845 LDAP Doesn't List All Groups

hi, when you search for an group in the user administration role, indeed there are no results displayed in the left column, but thats actually a bug, there are results, but they the label/display is blanked


you can actually select the "blank" result in the left column and add it to the right column

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7845 LDAP Doesn't List All Groups

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We use XSA. When I search for any user or group under LDAP > User Mappings I get a result.


When I search for the same group to add it to the System Administrator role, the copier returns no results.


If I leave that search field blank the results display like 10 random AD groups which aren't really useful. 


It's the same effect on our other copiers, just really buggy. I can understand there being a results limit but when I'm only searching for one group, the limit shouldn't be a problem.


Or is there a way, with XSA enabled, that the local device Admin account can log in. That's really the reason I'm trying to configure adding an AD group to the Sys Admin role. XSA is looking for a pin code from our auth server so the local device account credentials aren't accepted.



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