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Apps won't work with Xerox standard accounting

Operating System: Windows 10


I've run into an issue with a customer that would like to run Xerox standard accounting.  The customer would also like to use Google drive and DropBox apps on their Xerox but the apps won't load when Xerox standard accounting is turned on.  Has anyone else ran into this issue?  

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Re: Apps won't work with Xerox standard accounting

The answer is that you simply can't use EIP apps with Accounting enabled, they state maybe someday it will work, but so far, it isn't supported. Basically, the printer can't know what an EIP app does (Scan or print, or copy, or simply shows a graphic, maps a LAN, reaches out to the cloud etc etc), so it can know when to track, or even if it should.

But anything App related on the forum should be posted to the forums that deal with them, which are the App Gallery, and the App Studio forums


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Joe Arseneau
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