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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Authentication Error

Since I have no idea what it says on your screenshots I will assume a simple communication problem and guess it happens "randomly" which typically means "occasionally when it hasn't been used in a bit"

If that is even close to the issue, do this

EWS > Connectivity > Setup > USB port state in sleep mode > Edit

Set it to Powered


And yes, I know it doesn't in any way relate to the problem and you likely don't use the USB port, just humor me and do it, it will probably fix it if there is an occasional LAN drop

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Joe Arseneau
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Authentication Error

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Good day, with a query we have a Xerox Altalink C8045, with Gatracking printing control software, when authenticating the user there are times when the multifunctional loses connection with the server and gives me the message, Connection problem, I do not know if someone has worked in this environment or configuration that could give me a help that is due this problem, attached images of the problem. best regards.


image006.jpgComunication ProblemComunication Problem 

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