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Thaitrack New Member
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Availability Report Extremely Low Percentages

I have set up a weekly email from the reporting section of Equitrac Express manager for Device Availability.  Since inception this has been showing very poor %online statistics around the 20-60% and the balance mostly unreachable.  We have checked the physical connections and there does not seem to be any "ping" issues as we have a hourly network device tracker polling every hour.


Our local office [Thailand] seems unable to provide either an explanation or a resolution.  Surely the number I should be seeing is 99%+ for availability?   What could be the issue?  Manager Configuration?  Device Settings?


We have

ApeosPort-IV 3060 x 2

ApeosPort V C4476 x1

D95 x1 


Equitrack Version



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Availability Report Extremely Low Percentages

Maybe sleep mode is active at the time for unreachable vs offline or perhaps visa versa.


The other could be that it gets a zero response at all which means it could be off?

There is sleep mode and then there is hibernate mode for the printer?  could be the two difference.


Xerox doesn't sell the ApeosPort line, FujiXerox does, so I'm uncertain as to what they do for power saving features (Disable LAN, support wireless, Hibernate the NIC etc etc.

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Thaitrack New Member
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Re: Availability Report Extremely Low Percentages



we tried changing the sleep/hibernate settings but no improvement.  I have submitted a support request to FujiXerox.  Let's see what they come back with?  Thanks for the suggestion in any case.





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