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Re: Best Accounting Central Management Software

xerox has a solution, its called "printsafe", but there is no reporting

we are seliing papercut for about 10 years, in my opinion, its the best stable solution... we tried them all :)

also for the smvb market the offer special discounts , commercial users less the 100 users and max 5 embed mfp's, its alsmost free ... :)

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Best Accounting Central Management Software

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Hello Everyone,


So, I'm taking over for a handful of copiers at our various schools and I'm trying to find a solution for changing our copiers from Xerox Standard Accounting to a centralized copies and print quota management system.  Right now I have to add users to every copier manually that will need the ability to print, scan, or copy.  I did some research and know that solutions like PaperCut exist, but I'm wondering if there is a simple and free option for management that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that PaperCut does?  I know that Xerox used to offer a solution called Xerox Page Accountant, but that appears to be no longer a supported product.  Does Xerox or someone offer something like this?  

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