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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Can I lockout access to make physical copies on 700i?

Yeah DCPrint_Bob, it is called Accounting. At the copier login as the admin and go to:


Machine status > Tools > Accounting > Accounting type > Local Accounting > Save > Create / View user accounts

Pick one and select Create/Delete

Give it a User ID (This is the thing the user will need to enter into the machine to make a copy.

Close > Close > Authentication/Security Settings > Authentication > Login Type > Login to Local Accounts > Save

Now choose the Accounting on the left again (The following stuff to choose wasn't there before so yes, we are somewhat kind of backtracking, but there is a reason)

Accounting Type > Auditron Mode > Copy Service > Change Settings > Enable Accounting > Save > Close > Save > Login/Out > Reboot now


So from this point you will need to login to make copies with whatever UserID you setup. The All Services screen will show a lock icon on Copies and the machine will always prompt for a login when it is selected. If you use Network Scanning or the Web Applications icons they will not

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Joe Arseneau
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Can I lockout access to make physical copies on 700i?

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I work in an office center that other businesses have physical access to our copier. Is there a way to lock access to it so copies can't be made when I'm not there? Like a password I can set so it can be locked and unlocked.

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