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Can't reset C505X to Factory Defaults

Product Name: Xerox C505X
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have read the other posts here about this subject (for other printers). I am able get into an admin section using the "press the Home button for 8 seconds," suggestion, but once I get into this area, and enter "6789," when I click to do anything further, I get "try again later." Are there any other instructions, specific to this printer, to allow me to get into the settings? I purchased it on eBay, and I do not have any password information that might have previously existed. I need to just set everything back to factory defaults.

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Re: Can't reset C505X to Factory Defaults


What you are trying is the way to enter in Diagnostic Mode which is for techs purpose. 

Anyway you cannot enter because there is a job in progress (Startup Page) and you must delete it from Jobs tab.