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Re: Deleting Job Queue on Versalink C8000

Hello I2N,

I cannot find anything specifically on this on the Support page. So I would recommend you go into the Embedded Web Server for the device and see if there is a setting you can adjust there to get the device settings the way you want them. Here are the steps for logging into EWS:

Access the printer's Embedded Web Server and log in as a System Administrator.

  1. From your computer or network-connected device (on the same network as the printer) open a Web browser.
  2. In the Web browser address field, enter the IP address of your printer and then press Enter. The Embedded Web Server home page will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Log In button at the top, right of the page. The User Accounts window will be displayed.
  4. Click on admin.
  5. Enter the System Administrator password in the field provided, and then click on the Log In button.

    Note: Depending on when the device was manufactured, the default password may be the device serial number or 1111.
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Deleting Job Queue on Versalink C8000

Product Name: VersaLink C8000 Color Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

We just have installed a new Versalink C8000 and are in the process of setting it up correctly. There is one issue I noticed: I don't see a way to have the printer automatically delete the Job Queue automatically after some specified time (like an hour or a day).


The Job Queue contains things like the username and the name of the print job. So an entry in the Job Queue clearly constitutes "personal data" as per the GDPR. So for being allowed to store and process this data we need a reason. Things like solving print issues and preventing misuse of the printer are valid reasons, but are just reasonable for a few days. After this the data must be permanently deleted. This means just hiding it with the "Conceal All Job Names" and "Conceal All User Names" options is not enough, as they will still keep this data on the printer. Also I would prefer to show the usernames and job names for a short time as this would make solving print issues easier.


Just to clarify: this is not about stored jobs or secure print jobs. This is just about the entries in the job queue for regular jobs that are directly printed.


So how do I permanently delete this? Things like a reboot of the printer don't seem to clear the queue.




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