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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: Do I have to set up user id's in XSA


Hello you can create accounts for groups or departments to share if that is what you need. through Xerox Standard Accounting you can choose to tray copies only, color only. etc. 


I hope this is helpful.

Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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Do I have to set up user id's in XSA

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I have 7535 workcentre and want to set up a number of cost centres (projects) but don't need to assign individual user id's to these. All staff could potential allocate costs to any cost centre so setting up individual user id's is unnecessary so long as I can record prints, scans etc by cost centre I don't need to know which user has submitted a job or limit how many copies etc a user can make. All I need is a user to select the necessary cost centre code then print or scan. Can I do this?

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