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Re: Downgrade Xerox WorkCentre 7835 from to

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Downgrade Xerox WorkCentre 7835 from to

To downgrade you need to have a tech come in and do what is referred to as a Forced altboot no data backup.

You cannot downgrade any other way.


Downgrading won't fix the issue, only an upgrade will (We are currently running on . The issue you are having is that Office365 (just like gmail) is currently updating their servers from SHA-1 to SHA-2, neither of the firmwares you are running support that, so both will fail, the upgrade process on the server side should be complete by Jan 31st 2016, so both will be failing soon. it's only a matter of time before the 2nd one goes down.

You can visualize this with wireshark if you don't believe it.

Do a Wireshark trace on it when sending an email


In Wireshark open the trace file.


Type tcp.port==xxxx into the display filter dialog box and click "Apply" (Where xxxx is the port the device is using for SMTP).


Approximately ten lines down in the top window you will see a line that has "Certificate" in the info field. Highlight this line and expand the first entry for "Secure Sockets Layer" in the middle window.


Continue to expand the Subtrees until you open one called "Certificates".


Now you will need to find the certificate that is being used for SMTP, usually it will have "smtp" somewhere in the "id-at-commonName="


Expand that certificate and look for the line that says "algorithmIdentifier" if it says "sha256WithRSAEncryption" next to it you will have a problem.



And the network controller isn't patched separately, firmwares are an all-in-one



The short version is this.

You can't downgrade, a tech has to do it, you can't do the network controller independent of the firmware and neither will fix the issue.


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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

Downgrade Xerox WorkCentre 7835 from to

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Hi Everyone,


My company uses an office365 SMTP server and i am having trouble getting the scan to mail functionnality working.

I think the issue have something to do with the device firmware version.
The current firmware version is and i need to get to firmware version which is the actual firmware approved by my company.


another thing that i was asked to check is that the Network controller should be patched to the 191514v2. the current one is 072.014.09100.


I don't want to mess things up so do i need to downgrade first the firmware version then go after the network controller or should start with the network controller and then the firmware?

Also, how do i downgrade the network controller?


Thanks in advance.

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